A coastal photo survey of Waiheke and the Gulf

Here is an idea, how about we create a coastal photo survey of our islands

I like Google Maps, and the street view, its cool and really helpful when you are trying to gauge what an address looks like from ground level. The maps on Waiheke are not so good though – being an out of the way backwater the satellite view renderings are rather low res and don’t actually match up with the map view.

So akin to google street view, instead of sending gps enabled camera vans around our narrow streets, why not we get a good camera and GPS device and circumnavigate the island at the 50ft depth line and take shots of the island from the sea.

I am sure I can work out how to build it into the street view on google maps.  All I need are:

  • someone with a good camera
  • someone with a nice boat
  • a nice sunny day or two

If it is worth making aerial surveys of the land, and car surveys of the roads, why not make a boat survey of the coastline.

Any takers?

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