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Don’t fear the reaper

I sit down on a bright sunny Saturday to write, and the Internet tells me that Terry Pratchett has died. So I’m sad, sort of. TP’s books have been a constant companion to me since I first bought Mort back in the distant past. While I read many other authors – I usually get library […]

NiwaWeather Designed for embedding.

My team at NIWA and I have spent the last few months working very hard on a system that allows NIWA’s EcoConnect web services to be made available as visual components within web sites. The first result of this is the rather stylish This provides an instant at a glance summary of the weather […]

Vote or burn a car – will it make a difference

Its mid afternoon on election day, I’ve voted, had lunch and am looking at the strong winds waving the trees and the white caps on the sea. A man has just set light to a car on Cuba Street in Wellington to protest Fractional Reserve Banking and this might just be one of the more […]

Nikki Kaye and the No Reply Zone

I don’t often write about politicians specifically, and if I write about politics its usually about general issues rather than particular parties. However I’ll make an exception in this case to tell you a little story. Nikki Kaye is my local MP. She stands for Auckland Central, and due to a bizarre bit of gerrymandering […]

Using XML for a Résumé (part 1)

Using XML Lets get one thing straight. I’m not a huge fan of XML. I think it can be horribly verbose, complex and for all its capabilities it can be used by those who don’t understand it to generate vast quantities of rubbish. That said it is one of the sharper tools in my toolbox […]

Using NIWA WRENZ To get Waiheke Climate Plots

NIWA’s Water Resources Explorer (WRENZ) is a GIS based web application that allows the user to display selected layers of water resource related spatial information on a map of New Zealand. Its main use is to display the locations of water resources stations such as rivers, catchments, water level, ground water and soil moisture. In […]

What is the role of the Local Board?

Because Waiheke has this strange relationship with Auckland it seems to me that a lot of the questions are about that and whether the Local Board will have power to do anything. Be it to take proactive steps or to defend against that vague ‘stuff we don’t like’. However I feel this misses the point […]

Would the biosphere reserve make living on Waiheke more expensive?

This question has been raised in the Waiheke Radio discussion forum on the biosphere. The gut reaction apparently goes like this. The biosphere reserve is about living sustainably and in tune with the environment. Cheap developments – build anywhere sprawl, cheap materials, no standards or regulations etc are clearly not sustainable so that implies […]

Wananga on the Waiheke UNESCO Reserve

Piritahi Marae, Sunday 5 September 2010, assemble at 10:15 There is so much interest around the idea that Waiheke could become a UNESCO Reserve that Piritahi Marae and the group behind the project are joining forces to organise a Wananga, or Day of Learning. It will take place next Sunday, 5th September at the marae […]

Letters to my Children #1

Kids I thought I would write you all a series of letters to help you make your way in the world and maybe learn a bit about your dad in the process. Where to start? In the early 1970s when I was between 8 and 12 the country I lived in changed from the 60’s […]