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NiwaWeather Designed for embedding.

My team at NIWA and I have spent the last few months working very hard on a system that allows NIWA’s EcoConnect web services to be made available as visual components within web sites. The first result of this is the rather stylish This provides an instant at a glance summary of the weather […]

Would the biosphere reserve make living on Waiheke more expensive?

This question has been raised in the Waiheke Radio discussion forum on the biosphere. The gut reaction apparently goes like this. The biosphere reserve is about living sustainably and in tune with the environment. Cheap developments – build anywhere sprawl, cheap materials, no standards or regulations etc are clearly not sustainable so that implies […]

Wananga on the Waiheke UNESCO Reserve

Piritahi Marae, Sunday 5 September 2010, assemble at 10:15 There is so much interest around the idea that Waiheke could become a UNESCO Reserve that Piritahi Marae and the group behind the project are joining forces to organise a Wananga, or Day of Learning. It will take place next Sunday, 5th September at the marae […]

You Are Invited to The Crash Course Video Presentation

You Are Invited What: The Crash Course Video Presentation When: July Sessions-5th, 12th, 19th, 26th August Sessions- 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th Where: Artworks Foyer, 6:30pm Please RSVP to 372-2041 This series of films serves as a clear and straightforward explanation of how our economy, energy systems and environment interact — how we got to where […]