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Vote or burn a car – will it make a difference

Its mid afternoon on election day, I’ve voted, had lunch and am looking at the strong winds waving the trees and the white caps on the sea. A man has just set light to a car on Cuba Street in Wellington to protest Fractional Reserve Banking and this might just be one of the more […]

Nikki Kaye and the No Reply Zone

I don’t often write about politicians specifically, and if I write about politics its usually about general issues rather than particular parties. However I’ll make an exception in this case to tell you a little story. Nikki Kaye is my local MP. She stands for Auckland Central, and due to a bizarre bit of gerrymandering […]

What is the role of the Local Board?

Because Waiheke has this strange relationship with Auckland it seems to me that a lot of the questions are about that and whether the Local Board will have power to do anything. Be it to take proactive steps or to defend against that vague ‘stuff we don’t like’. However I feel this misses the point […]

Taken into Account

Local board Candidate Herb Romaniuk used to be listed on the Citizens and Ratepayers website as a one of their candidates. The page has now been taken down but is still available in the google cache for In his profile there he says: “Right now there are a number of public issues confronting the […]

Citizens Wanted – or how would you like three votes?

Last week I wrote about how the island needed Heros to stand for the local board elections. The new Auckland Council website has now started up at and this has a great chunk of information for potential candidates. This week I want to talk about Voting in those elections. Waiheke punches above its weight […]