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Heroes Wanted

We wrote to the Royal Commission. We made submissions on the three Auckland Council Bills. We attended Select committee hearings. We fought for the power of Waiheke to regulate and govern itself as a strong community within Auckland and the Gulf. We didn’t get much of what we wanted. But did get some, now its […]

A coastal photo survey of Waiheke and the Gulf

Here is an idea, how about we create a coastal photo survey of our islands I like Google Maps, and the street view, its cool and really helpful when you are trying to gauge what an address looks like from ground level. The maps on Waiheke are not so good though – being an out […]

Welcome to

Welcome to Andrew Watkins’ own domain and general internet playground. This is where I will be experimenting with various technologies that I want to learn more about, As well as helping a few local groups get online with their content. Why avowkind? My online id was constructed many years ago in the dim and […]