Taken into Account

Local board Candidate Herb Romaniuk used to be listed on the Citizens and Ratepayers website as a one of their candidates. The page has now been taken down but is still available in the google cache for www.candr.org.nz/gulf-cand.shtm
In his profile there he says:
“Right now there are a number of public issues confronting the islands. The outcome of the issues will significantly affect the quality of life presently enjoyed by the community. We need to ensure that the views of the islands’ communities are taken into account whenever such decisions are being made.”

It it clear from his recent behaviour over the Esplanade that the islanders whose views should be taken ‘into account’ are his own and those of a few wealthy landowners.

‘Taken into account’ is politician speak for we will appear to listen to you and then continue exactly as we please. Sadly it is a phrase now enshrined in the Auckland City legislation.

Our views have been ‘taken into account’ over the new library building, they were ‘taken into account’ over the replacement of Clean Stream with TPI.

At least Herb is consistent, John Banks apparently no longer supports the C&R policy of giving 35 year contracts to private water companies. He is quoted as being “very nervous” about the deal. This near privatisation of water is extremely unpopular so ‘Banksie’ is now against it. Sadly not against it enough to actually turn up at the committee meeting and vote against it.

I sincerely hope that the new local board will be composed of councillors who both listen and act on the Islander’s views and who also can work together as a team.

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