Wananga on the Waiheke UNESCO Reserve

Piritahi Marae, Sunday 5 September 2010, assemble at 10:15

There is so much interest around the idea that Waiheke could become a
UNESCO Reserve that Piritahi Marae and the group behind the project
are joining forces to organise a Wananga, or Day of Learning. It will
take place next Sunday, 5th September at the marae in Blackpool. It is
open to everyone, and those wishing to attend should assemble at the
entrance to the marae at 10:15.

The idea of the wananga is to describe, as simply as possible, what
biosphere reserves are and what it would mean for Waiheke to become
The opening presentation will cover what UNESCO is and what it
expects. It will go on to talk about the reasons why Waiheke would be
a good candidate, and what the implications might be if we were
accepted. It will be presented by Colin Beardon who has been working
on the project for two-and-a-half years.

Pita Rikys will then consider the proposal from an indigenous Maori
perspective. The Marae committee have long supported the idea and
this is an opportunity to explore ways the project can become stronger
through learning, sharing and genuine partnership.

Brian Griffiths from Forest & Bird will then provide an overview of
environmental regeneration work across the Island and how this would
fit into a biosphere reserve model: in particular, the development of
ecological ‘corridors’ to support the return of flora and fauna.

John Stansfield will talk on aspects of Waiheke’s economy and its
community. The example of the waste collection contract last year,
when Cleanstream lost the contract to Australia’s TPI, led to a loss
of jobs on the island. While looking for new opportunities, we want to
avoid any repetition of that kind of event in the future.

The proceedings will end with concluding remarks and reflections on
the day from Huhana Davis. The aim is to complete formal proceedings
just after 1 o’clock, but those attending are welcome to stay for tea
and to carry on the discussion.

There will be opportunities for questions, material that people can
take away, and the chance to write and leave comments.
There is no admission charge, but a koha would be appreciated.

More information at http://waihekebr.info/wananga-on-the-waiheke-unesco-reserve

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